Six months ago, it was over! The Power Rangers managed to defeat Rita Repulsa and her forces, locking her away in a prison dimension. The Power Rangers felt that they could rest at last. Things are not quite how they seem however. Now she's back at it with a new ally. Faced with a new crisis, the heroes of old are nowhere to be seen. Where are the Power Rangers?

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Rikuto Lee


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Oct 5 2017, 12:26 AM
He was finding himself at school more and more often. Than again Riku's time at home was either spent pretending to be what he wasn't or being blamed by his mother and "father" for crap he didn't do. Which usually resulted in the college student either storming angrily out of the house or locking himself in his bedroom. Today was one that he got out of the house before either of them could say anything to him. THe only other place he could think to go was the university so he had gotten his homework and computer together and disappeared out the front door.

It was as he was walking down the hallway that he came across the one thing he was never happy to see. Seeing people harassing people that were smaller or weaker than them made his blood boil. He wasn't sure if it was the fact that he hadn't been much better than these guys when he had been living in Japan.

Eyes narrowing Riku stalked up to the guys crossing his arms. "Think your big and bad just because you can intimidate some one half your size. " he said voice low and his words heavy with a Japanese accent that seemed to confuse the guys he was now standing face to face with. He didn't bother to say anything else just settling on staring down the punks that decided it would be funny to pick on someone smaller.
Jul 8 2017, 07:38 PM
It wasn't often that he got out of the house unless it was for school. He didn't have many friends and it wasn't like his mother wanted to spend time with him unless she has to it was the same with his stepfather. He had been on multiple occasions asked to go out with his siblings but he usually passed it up so they could go out and have fun with their own friends without having to worry about him. To make things better most people spoke to him so fast he had troubles translating them so that he could respond.

Today was one of those rare days that he actually left the house to do something for himself. It was just a quick jog to the park to find a secluded area. That area being somewhere he could figure out what he was doing with his new powers. stopping in an area covered by tree's where he can't be seen he pulled out his Morpher and looked at it. He also had to wonder if it was some sick joke that he was a power ranger. It was strange to him as he looked it over before taking a stronger hold on his Morpher.

"Magical Source, Mystic Force." the words left his lips just as easily as they had the first time. Of course, they still had the heavy Japanese accent to go along with them. But then again for a guy that could barely speak English, it was understandable. Once he was clad in the yellow-caped suit he flipped his morpher into wand mode. Hitting the right spell code for his own elemental attack trying to get a feel for it. That feel for it, however, was not planned to knock him to the ground after he hit himself with the lightning bolt. Then again he wasn't supposed to hit himself.

He let out a soft growl as he slowly made his way back up to his feet trying once again. After an hour and starting to sweat under the suit and helmet he stopped and let his morph fall before flopping down against the tree. He needed a small rest and then maybe in a few, he would try to practice again. It was several minutes after he demorphed that he heard a stick break as someone walked through to his own little secluded place of the park.
Jun 21 2017, 07:44 PM
He had only left Campus that day long enough to go get something to eat. Then he hadn't even stayed out long enough to eat it. He had just gotten it to go and went back to the school. He found a nice quiet corner in a random part of the school pulled out whatever homework his teachers had given them. It was just a couple of Essays that were needed to be done but at the same time, one of them required a lot of research so he figured he would be better off to spend his lunch working on the research instead of just eating it off campus. He took a bite of his food while he searched up his topic on his laptop. his fingers moved across the keyboard as his eyes darted across the screen to find what he was looking for specifically.

After a few more moments of looking and not finding what he needed he let his head thunk back against the wall, he was leaning on. Feeling slightly annoyed at the lack of information he had for his essay. after a few more moments of sitting there, he pushed the laptop out of his lap and closed his eyes for a second. his head snapped up out of habit when he heard footsteps coming towards him. His body tensed up a bit ready to spring up and fight if he needed to. Though really this was Angel Grove, not Tokyo it was very unlikely he was going to have to fight one of his classmates unless they were part of the forces of evil that is.
Jun 20 2017, 12:51 AM
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<i class="ion-ios-arrow-right"></i> &nbsp; Is considered the Embarasment of his family. He was born out of a one night stand his mother had with a childhood friend of hers. He lived in Seoul for years only going to Japan when his mother and step father needed him for something. He waskept in Japan by his mother who wanted to use spending time with Riku to get hid father to do what she wanted him to do when she wanted him to do it.
<p> <i class="ion-ios-arrow-right"></i> &nbsp; His mother treating him as a barganing chip has sort of hardened him. He became a delinquint after falling in with the wrong xcrowd and found himself suspended several times while they still lived in japan.
<p> <i class="ion-ios-arrow-right"></i> &nbsp; He isn't fluent in english and while he can speak it well enough he forgets words here and there. He still has a very thick accent and finds himself speaking Japanese or Korean when he forgets words.
<p> <i class="ion-ios-arrow-right"></i> &nbsp; Spends as much time outside of the house as possible not wanting to deal with his mother and step father. He is however close to his half siblings and spends a lot of time with them.
<p> <i class="ion-ios-arrow-right"></i> &nbsp; He has morphed once already and while he is not fond of the color or the cape he plans to fight to protect his family and what few friends he has.

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<b> platonic &nbsp; <i class="ion-ios-arrow-right"></i> </b> &nbsp; He probably doesn't have a huge group of friends there is still a slight language barrier between him and his class mates. When he finally meets them the rest of the Mystic force rangers will fall here most likely. There's also that I'll punch you if you say something stupid vib to him as well so there's that. He's open to friend ships of any kind however so toss them his way.
<p><b> antagonistic &nbsp; <i class="ion-ios-arrow-right"></i> </b> &nbsp; Well he's not a big fan of Rita or her goons. So there are difinitely going to be enemies among the villains and he's bound to have a few around school as well.
<p><b> romantic &nbsp; <i class="ion-ios-arrow-right"></i> </b> &nbsp; He's homosexual though he is as deep in the closet as one can get. He doesn't want to think about what his mother or step father would say he's already the outcast of his family without adding that.
<p><b> miscellaneous &nbsp; <i class="ion-ios-arrow-right"></i></b> &nbsp; He;s got half siblings he's close to anything else you can think of toss my way.

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Rikuto Lee
<subt> 19 &nbsp; <i class="ion-ios-arrow-right"></i> &nbsp; Collage Student &nbsp; <i class="ion-ios-arrow-right"></i> &nbsp; Mystic Force &nbsp; <i class="ion-ios-arrow-right"></i> &nbsp; Matthew Kim </subt>

Jun 18 2017, 02:37 AM
Rikuto Lee

The person
Name: Rikuto Lee
Nicknames: Riku
Age: 19
Birthday: December 31
Playby: Bang Yongguk
Appearance: He definitely has the tough guy look. the constant scowl or emotionless face he always has doesn't help much with making anyone else believe he is anything but. It has been years since he's smiled just never feeling the need to do so. His naturally black but currently brown hair is kept on the shorter side and left to fall as it will. He clearly works out the muscles in his arms showing when he just bends his elbow. He is rather tall standing at 6'1".

His clothing isn't what you would expect from someone who's father is a lawyer and mother is an Interior designer. He wears ripped jeans that show more of his legs than actually cover them. his shirts usually consist of tank top's that show off his arms. Boots and fingerless leather gloves usually finish off the look. every now and then he will wear nicer clothing fully intact jeans or even slacks and button up shirts or nicer t-shirts. He only breaks those out when his fathers got company over and they're expected to play the part of the perfect family.

Personality: Has always been his family's dirty little secret. It has affected him in many ways. The once cheerful always smiling child has turned into a constantly scowling and cold young man. it takes a lot for him to let someone in his walls are really high and hard to break down so far the only people to do so are his older brother and younger sister. he really seems to at times fit the tough guy stereotype but he really didn't try to.

When it comes down to it all he's actually fairly protective of those he has allowed close enough to be considered friends. He is the guy that's not afraid to throw a punch or fight anyone who might hurt anyone he cares for. You do not mess with his friends or siblings. He's really become the family disappointment but he doesn't really care either. He is who he is and anyone who has a problem with it really isn't someone he wants to waste time thinking about or trying to impress.

Once someone gets to friendship with him he is loyal and while not the guy that will joke around he has been known to laugh at a joke that is particularly funny. He is the first to berate a friend for doing something stupid or harmful to themselves or those around them. He really isn't a bad guy circumstances have sort of just shaped him into what he has become.

Lee Min Su- Supposed Father
Oh Eun Jung- Biological Father
Lee Rina- Mother

History: Riku's birth has always been a sore spot for his family. His mother has never been the most loyal spouse constantly cheating not that his father ever cared as long as she made sure she never had a kid with them. Yet that's exactly where he came from. His father was a one night stand his mother had one night with a childhood friend one that she was very rarely in contact with. When he was born and looked every inch like his biological father there was no denying that he was not actually the son of Lee Min Su something that was kept a secret from everyone. He, of course, knew who his father was but was to never share this with anyone even his friends. He was treated like the black sheep by his parent's attention only ever on him when they needed to play the perfect happy family a role he had learned quickly to perfect. On top of this, he tended to split his time between Japan where his mother and "Father" resided with his siblings when he needed to be seen with them and South Korea where he lived most of the time with his father.

He was the happy child always going out to the park or to eat with his father every chance he got. He loved every second of it that was until he started school and his mother realized she could use him to get what she wanted from his father. He was kept in Tokyo when his father was made to send him back for a dinner party his mother and her husband were throwing. She used him and visitation to get his father to do what she wanted him to. It was usually legal but gifts and stuff that she wanted but Min Su wouldn't buy her were her's for the taking as long as she had Riku with her. Being used as a bargaining chip so his mother could have everything she wanted hardened the boy.

He started to lash out. It started out with snapping at fellow students. Then his first year of middle school came along and he started to wear the uniform like the "hooligans" of the school did. Open shirt with a t-shirt under it uniform jacket just dropped over his should. By the second year of middle school, he got into his first fist fight and expelled from school. He was transferred to another school where he then started to fall into the bad crowd. While he avoided the drinking and smoking his new friends did he was happy to go out and start fights with them. After several more expulsions in not only his last two years of Middle school but his first and second years of high school, the family moved to The US. Settling in Angel Grove his parents and siblings took to the place quickly all of them have learned enough English to communicate. He, unfortunately, did not speak it well and finished off high school with broken English barely understanding anything said to him.

It was just a few short days ago that his life semi changed. Whether or not it's for the better or worse he has yet to figure out. He was in the library of Angel Grove University when he came into possession of his Morpher. He was confused as to what it was. That was until he morphed the first time in his bedroom. He had his complaints about the costume like his hate for the color yellow or the fact that the cape seemed kind of stupid in his opinion. While he knew he was far from the kind of person that should be a power ranger (after all why should the guy that used to go out and beat up on people just because he could be considered Ranger material.) he's the kind to throw himself into it and take it as seriously as the next guy. He is no trying to balance being a ranger with classes and trying to actually get a better understanding of English only actually being fluent in Korean and Japanese languages that he is a native speaker of.

Team: Mystic Force
Abilities(if applicable): not the fastest guy he can very easily be considered the muscle of his group of friends. He does know to fight but rather than martial arts he is experienced in "Street Fighting" the all down put your fists up to beat them down kind of fighting. He is also fairly good at taking punches though they do still hurt him as much as the next person he's just good at not showing it.

The roleplayer
Name: Aria
How you found here: Shine
Contact details: PM/ Discord: kpoptrash #9154
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