Six months ago, it was over! The Power Rangers managed to defeat Rita Repulsa and her forces, locking her away in a prison dimension. The Power Rangers felt that they could rest at last. Things are not quite how they seem however. Now she's back at it with a new ally. Faced with a new crisis, the heroes of old are nowhere to be seen. Where are the Power Rangers?

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Nov 7 2017, 09:01 PM
The Green Ranger looked around from the shadows. He supposed he should just simply make his move now. No, he needed one small thing done first. With any luck this plan would yield blood or better. Either one worked. Of course he was not going to rely on getting both. One could not have everything after all. Seth was not greedy. Greed implies wanting something you do not deserve.

Everything Seth wanted was entirely deserved. Or so he felt.

Snapping his fingers, The Green Ranger sent down a pack of putties to harass people. He watched with mild amusement from his hiding place. It was going to be a matter of time before the heroes came of course. He knew how Zordon operated, and like clockwork he had no doubt they would show. Taking in the scene, he looked. Some teens ran off, some little kid was screaming about her stuffed bear. Whatever. He wanted the real show.

Meanwhile the putties attacked. A couple elderly people were clearing out of course. Some people were snapping pictures. And a little red haired girl was bawling her eyes out, screaming for her bear Tibbers, which the stuffed animal was right in the middle of some putties.

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Sep 26 2017, 05:31 PM
Seth had been a bit shocked to say the least when he came to the Lunar Palace and had not seen Rita there. It of course had not taken him long to find out where Rita had went to. Granted his first guess had been the Krispy Kreme but still, by the third try he had gotten it right and sure enough she was in the park for whatever reason doing some fighting. He supposed she had her reasons. As long as she didn't get herself killed he could work with it he supposed. After all, what harm was there really?

Seeing the roof of a building he actually got an idea. Teleporting home he grabbed a few things and put them in a bag, then grabbed a lawn chair for good measure. Sure enough he went on the roof of the previously seen building and used his dagger to shoot lightning to sort of do an on the spot welding of the door. Laying the things out Seth began to make a sandwich. Yes, Seth was seriously going to sit back and watch Rita fight this one out. She probably did not need him to interfere. If she did he would of course, but this was a time he could take in a show. It didn't happen often.

Munching on a sandwich, he noticed that so far it had been Elijah had shown up. He was curious what he would do. Would he throw his life away or realize there was no point to him trying to fight in that one? Either way worked for him. Out of respect for the past he had made that deal. If they chose to rescind it? Well, Rita had fulfilled her end. If they chose to void the deal it was on their hands. Not his problem.

((Note: This thread is taking place at the same time as Rita's fight thread))
Jul 28 2017, 11:49 PM
Seth had to admit, he was a bit shocked at this new development. He had been trying to lock onto a team of rangers and recently it had become almost giddy if it was possible for a coin to do that. It was so odd, a curious behavior. Best he could figure out was the coin was responding to new ranger teams. It would make sense. He already assumed it was at least partly his coin that pulled The Phantom Ranger through the protections of the Lunar Citadel. It was the most practical theory. Which would mean with this level of it.....had it found more? If so he needed to move fast.

First chance he got he went to the balcony of the observatory at the Lunar Citadel. Morphing into the green ranger, he looked at his morpher. "Okay you, do whatever the hell it is you are planning to do." He said and held out his morpher in front of him. Watching the coin pulse excitedly for a moment once again, like it had been doing all freaking afternoon. Then it stopped pulsing and let out a green glow before dying down.

"Well that was odd. Did not expect that." He remarked and waited to see what would come of it. If it was what he thought then they would have guests where he was soon. Of course, the glow had been the call. It would now be teleporting the Ninja Steel right to Seth.

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Jun 22 2017, 02:40 PM
Okay so I had a fun little idea. Since Seth is unlikely to date someone good so we are going with an evil potential love interest. She is going to be the DINO CHARGE PINK ranger!

A few quick things about the rangers under Seth's command:
* They are not necessarily evil people. They can be genuinely good and believe that Seth's approach is the right one. A lot of them are operating with his plans for their own reasons, whatever they may be. Even Seth, for all his evil actions, is not evil for evil's sake.
* They report to Seth. Basically Seth is their mentor of sorts. They will pick their leader in time. Seth is the one they report to but he is not their team leader.
* Given their alliance, they are on good terms with monsters and such that Rita uses.
* Their enemies are anyone who works for Zordon.

Now a few things about the girl herself:
* I would like her to be someone that the rangers go "No way that person would be one of the evil ranger team's members." Sort of the last person you would expect to be mixed up in this sort of thing.
*Play By - Dove Cameron. She has the look of "No way is she a ranger." Peyton List is also a good option because picspam reasons in addition to the appearances can be deceiving factor.
* I would also like her to be on the more smart end of fighting. Not the aggressively reckless, more the one who knows to pick her battles sort against the rangers. At least competent enough Seth won't go "Oh my god this idiot's stupidity is astounding." Seth respects cleverness and loathes recklessness.
* I would like her to be a love interest for Seth.
* Also because I liked the idea, she should be on good terms with Emma. Because nothing is more fun than double backstabbing the pinky with the plane.

If you need help with ideas for her, let me know. Of course, I would be happy to help. I sort of left it to the basic bits because I prefer giving people a somewhat loose idea for them to tinker with.
May 22 2017, 09:13 PM
Seth of course was a bit agitated by the lack of information on the rangers. It would seem as though this was a bit agitating. However, there was one thing he knew. Plan an attack and the rangers would appear, it was as certain as sunrise. He knew that oh too well. Of course that was the best advantage he had. He knew how they operated and as a result, he could plan for that sort of behavior.

Right now? Seth was at the mall. It seemed a great place and he could hide in plain sight as he watched. It would be unlikely they would identify him unless he was in outfit. However, he knew enough not to discount the formers recognizing him. While they were nothing to him in terms of power, it was a chance of inconvenience and hiding would be best.

Pointing to the escalators, he smiled. Then on cue the putties appeared shortly after and began to cause all kinds of chaos, chasing people and destroying things. While they did that, Seth for his part casually walked into one of the stores in the mall amidst the chaos. It would be a reasonable move for most. After all, hiding was a viable option during an attack, and he had to play the part.

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