Six months ago, it was over! The Power Rangers managed to defeat Rita Repulsa and her forces, locking her away in a prison dimension. The Power Rangers felt that they could rest at last. Things are not quite how they seem however. Now she's back at it with a new ally. Faced with a new crisis, the heroes of old are nowhere to be seen. Where are the Power Rangers?

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Jan 3 2018, 12:51 AM
Ben could be seen sitting at a desk at his English class staring at the round clock that hanged high on the wall. As it was the last class of the day, the boy was eager to leave this prison like institution to practice his martial arts at the Angel Grove Youth Center. Sure he could have practiced at a dojo, but Jeet Kune Do schools here weren't up to his standard as they were teaching students how to fight exactly like Bruce Lee, This rubbed the former ranger the wrong way as the whole point of the style Bruce Lee taught was to take in what was useful for you specifically and he noticed that some of them were teaching the more flashier moves the man used in the movies. Something that Ben saw as pointless in real combat as the moves were designed to look cool, not to take out you opponent in the fastest way possible.

Once the bell rang, Ben quickly shoved his books into his book bag and headed straight towards the door. After leaving the classroom, he headed towards his locker and grabbed the rest of his books making his bag big and heavy. He would then throw his book bag onto his back and headed downstairs before feeling the need to take a quick bathroom break. So instead of walking to his right towards the exit, he went left and headed down the hall where he entered the bathroom to his right. With nobody else in the room, Ben took care of his business and washed his hands. He would then dry his hands with a brown paper towel before crumbling it up and tossing it in the trash. All of a sudden, Ben was engulfed by a white light and the next thing he knew he found himself in front of a tube with a familiar floating head that was looking down at him which brought a smile to his face.

cried out Ben in joy

Dec 26 2017, 09:18 PM
It was the middle of the afternoon at the Russo house and Ben was dragging the vacuum cleaner into the living room to do his weekly vacuuming of the living room. As for his parents, they were away on their weekly date night which left dinner up to Ben which either consisted of leftovers, a TV dinner or takeout with permission from his parents. The living room itself was a room with cream colored walls and a light blue rug. The light brown couch stood in front of a 60 inch TV that was on top of a stand that had drawers that housed the blue ray player, the cable box and occasionally Ben's Playstation 4 when it wasn't in his room. Between the TV and the couch was a wooden coffee table that had a glass top and there was a round side table next to the right side of the couch. On that table was an urn that his mother bought at an antique shop shortly after they moved to Angel Grove.

Naturally, both Ben and his father questioned as to why she would buy this instead of an old fashioned lamp like she originally came in for. And her reasoning was it was an impulse buy as something about the design of the urn that made her want to get it. His father thought that it was stupid, but didn't argue as he lived by the montra, "Happy wife, happy life". As for Ben, he was indifferent to it as he couldn't care less if it was there or not. After taking the vacuum into the room, Ben pulled out the cord and plugged into into the socket before going to the vacuum itself to turn it on. As Ben vacuumed, he was sure to go under the coffee table and get the edges of the couch where crumbs of food would sometimes drop.

Everything seemed to be going well until his elbow accidentally hit the urn which was currently behind him which knocked over the urn. The boy quickly turned around and saw the urn on it's side rolling off the edge of the table and shattering into dozens of pieces after it hit the floor.


Jul 14 2017, 08:15 PM
It was the middle of the afternoon in Angel Grove and Ben could be seen walking down the city streets wearing blue jeans and a red hoodie with his fists balled up in anger. The new red ranger had just left the Command Center after having yet another argument with the blue ranger Seth after defeating one of Rita's monsters. The senior ranger berated Ben for pushing the megazord to the point where it almost short circuited and Ben of course argued that he knew it wouldn't short circuit as he now had a feel for the megazord much like how someone had a feel for their car after driving it awhile. As usual, the argument was unresolved and the two left the Command Center angry with their animosity towards each other only growing. This of course wasn't the only thing that was bothering Ben today since during his lunch period at school, the team was having what appeared to be lively conversation at the lunch table. And when he took a seat at the table, their lively conversation went silent leading to a silent and awkward lunch with his team.

This wasn't the first time this has happened and it didn't help at all that none of them wanted to hang out with him on their spare time which bothered the teenage boy as he felt that he was some kind of outsider despite being on the same team. Ben would then turn into an ally way to take a shortcut to his home and immediately stopped in his tracks when two putties suddenly appeared out of thin air in front which caught the the boy by surprise. And he could hear the garbled noises of two more putties behind him which made the ranger smile as he now had an outlet to release his anger on. Wanting a decent fight, Ben opted not to morph and charged towards the putties in front of him. With punches and kicks fueled by anger, Ben managed to defeat the four with little effort which only lead to more putties to suddenly appear.

The boy managed to beat a few more, which only led to more and more putties appearing. With the sheer number of putties beginning to overwhelm him, Ben whipped out his morpher and before he could shout his morphing call, a fist from behind knocked him out cold. Ben would then wake up to find himself on a floor engulfed by fog and as he stood up, he noticed that he was surrounded by green arches that were connected in a circle. The opening of these arches were blocked off by a circle that had gold bars coming out in multiple multiple directions and the walls behind were black and had lights emitting from it like stars in the night sky. This was the Dark Dimension.

"Where am I?"
asked Ben to himself as he rubbed the back of his aching head with his right hand.

@Rita Repulsa
Jun 9 2017, 10:08 PM
It was student orientation at Angel Grove University and Ben could be seen in an auditorium sitting alongside other incoming freshmen listening to a man in his senior year telling his experience here as a student and explaining to the group that they should participate in university activities to get the best experience here. After all, they are paying to attend this school and unless you were very rich, you were going to pay for this experience years after through student loans which is impossible to declare bankruptcy on. As the former ranger listened, he couldn't help but think that this entire student orientation the perfect waste of this beautiful Saturday as he could have just applied for the classes online from his home wearing nothing but boxer shorts and figured out where to go from a campus map. Hell, they could have done this during labor day weekend instead of the end of his senior year in high school where he still needed to study for his classes.

"Now we are going to pair you off with students who are going to show you around campus and give you advise to get the best experience out of this place before taking you to student consular center to register for classes. Please come up to the stage once your name is called by that student" explained the senior year student before the curtain behind him was raised revealing the college students who would give them a tour. All of the students appeared to be people in their early 20s save for one Korean girl that Ben recognized all too well, his former teammate Esther Yung which made him raise his eye brow in curiosity as the last time he checked, she only graduated a year ago. Unfortunately, Ben didn't know her all too welly personally as she rejected all of his attempts in getting to know each other and they were always with the rest of the team whenever they were together.

Ben watched as each student came up calling for their oncoming freshman to come up before leaving the stage together. Since they were calling the names in alphabetical order, the teenage boy knew that it was a long way off before they call his name so he took out his i-Phone and began looking at his facebook feed to kill the time.
@Esther Yung
May 18 2017, 11:42 PM

Play By: Charisma Carpenter

I'm looking for someone to play Stacey ______, an 18 year old high school senior to be Ben's love interest. She is your typical queen bee who could destroy anybody's high school life with a single tweet or a few words. She managed to get to this position due to her parents wealthy, good looks and by taking down her rivals through the spreading of rumors and backstabbing. While she is popular, she ironically doesn't have anybody she can call a friend as the girls she hangs with are either plotting to stab her in the back or using her to be popular. And despite her self centered nature, she does have a compassionate side that reveals itself when people are in danger. As for how the two meet up, I was either thinking that the two are force to work together on a school project or Stacey asking Ben out to make a boyfriend who cheated on her jealous only for the two to grow closer as they know each other more. As for whether or not she is a ranger is completely up to you. She can even be an evil ranger that wants to keep him out of harms way through an act of of nepotism.
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