Six months ago, it was over! The Power Rangers managed to defeat Rita Repulsa and her forces, locking her away in a prison dimension. The Power Rangers felt that they could rest at last. Things are not quite how they seem however. Now she's back at it with a new ally. Faced with a new crisis, the heroes of old are nowhere to be seen. Where are the Power Rangers?

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Emma Barnes

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Nov 23 2017, 03:53 PM
((One Shot))

Emma was running behind trying to get to cheerleading practice. It wasn't so much that she would be missed but it was her week to bring the protein bars for the squad and so she had to run to the health food store to get them. She got the usual brand that the head cheer leader required though she was quite thrown off considering how much sugar was in it...

Turning a corner, she saw a cat sitting on the sidewalk. It was actually an ugly looking thing. A rather old looking calico with what looked like a piece of duct tape on its forehead. Frowning, Emma knelt down to pick it up.

"Aww poor guy." She brought a hand forward to scratch under its chin thinking to herself that this might be the ugliest cat she'd ever seen. Her eyes started to water. As much as she liked cats, she was also highly allergic to them. Still, she couldn't just sit back and let it walk around with that tape on its forehead could she? Very carefully, she peeled the tape off of the creature's head. It was then she noticed something glossy underneath. Was it hurt?

"Oh shit. That's an eyeball." Sure enough a bright red eyeball was looking up at her. Three eyes. "You're not a fucking cat, are you?" The cat looked up at her before it shifted in a bit of purple light to a few feet away. It took on a humanoid form. Its fur was dark purple and matted. Its three eyes were red. It inexplicably carried a large hammer. Emma rose to her feet and looked around to make sure there weren't any cameras or...well people.

"I don't have time for this!" Emma growled before taking out her morpher. "It's Morphin Time! Pterodactyl!" Once more she became the Pink ranger. No sooner had she morphed than it charged forward with the hammer. Emma barely managed to step out of the way. She drew her blaster from the holster at her side and spun around to shoot at it. After that distraction was made, she stepped back several feet. "Power Bow!" With that her bow materialized in her hands. The cat creature spun and charged at her again before she had the chance to fire an arrow.

Panicked, she swung the bow at it instead. She managed to catch its shoulder but it's paw came up to swipe it out of her hands. It slid across the street, one arm of it dangling over a sewer drain.

"Shit!" The creature reared back and let out a hissing sound sending a gloopy mess toward her. It hit her square in the chest sending her backward. She needed her bow and she needed it now. Drawing her blaster again she fired at the creature, making it stagger back. She started walking toward her bow causing the creature to step backward. Its foot wound up hitting her bow making its balance very precarious. "No no no no no...." With that, the creature swung the hammer at her. It knocked her backwards. She looked up at the creature as she started to push herself up. She looked over to see a street lamp right over where her bow was about to teeter in to the storm sewer. Slowly climbing to her feet, she flipped through the air to land on it. Her blaster was out once more.

She made several shots at the cat only for it to back away. With that she jumped to the ground, swooping down to pick it up. Well that was one problem solved...she holstered her blaster.

"Time to finish you off. Bad kitty!" She drew back and fired an arrow at the creature. It was followed by another just as quickly. In a shower of sparks the creature eventually went down. Emma finally lowered her bow. "Bad kitty? What the hell was that....." She shook her head and looked around to make sure she was alone once more before unmorphing. She retrieved the bag of Power Bars and started running again. Now she was even later. The cheer leaders weren't going to be happy....
Oct 29 2017, 11:59 PM
This was not where Emma wanted to be. She had decided to return to the school that day to get something out of her locker. It was outdoors and as long as she checked in with the security guard, there tended to not be an issue getting what she needed from it. She was starting to get rather behind in her homework after all.

But then the putties showed up. Emma looked around. The blind spots in the security cameras were common knowledge. She simply ran in to a stair well only to look like she was coming in through a door, morphed, and showed up in the court yard from another spot. She had to cover her tracks after all.

Emma didn't know this was an intentional move. Not the random sending that a certain space witch had been occupying herself with. This one had purpose.

@[Julias Rosas]
Sep 22 2017, 09:24 AM
Emma stood in the courtyard. Normally there were plenty of students here during a free period or something but it was raining. Emma had changed in to her gym clothes but then decided she'd really rather not play flag football today. Getting away was easy enough. She always kept a few links on her phone in case she needed to distract a teacher with something. When the time came, she sent the appropriate teacher the appropriate link and then snuck away when they were looking it over.

She didn't mind that it was raining. It didn't rain very often in this part of California and the warm weather made it rather pleasant. It was one of the few times she could really let herself be still. Usually things were all going a million miles an hour with no end in sight. Especially since becoming a Power Ranger. She sat on one of the picnic tables and closed her eyes.
Aug 16 2017, 12:01 AM
This must be what hell was like.

Truthfully, Emma would rather be facing a legion of putties right now rather than running yet another suicide here in the gym. The cheer captain had found out about Emma's daily habit of swinging by the Dunkin Donuts and decided that she was going to make Emma run a suicide for each and every confirmed doughnut. That number was higher than Emma was proud of and she was paying for it now. Oh god she was paying for it.

The older girl had gone home, leaving one of her toadies to make sure she did it. Fortunately the girl was distracted by one of the basketball players coming to talk to her giving Emma just long enough to run toward one of the garbage cans. There were sounds not unlike those of a velociraptor...or maybe that's really what a pterodactyl sounds like...She didn't want to think about it.

As it turns out one can be made to run until they puke.

@Savannah Montagne
Jul 10 2017, 01:31 AM
Emma felt sick.

Ben's words wouldn't go away despite how much she desperately didn't want to believe them. One could make themselves deny anything really and maybe for a little while longer she could push this aside until she can get to the truth. Seth was one thing she could count on though. She knew Seth. She trusted him. If anyone could help her sort this out, it was him. Her hand moved up to wipe her eyes, trying to gain her composure as she made her way to the courtyard where Seth usually spent his free period.

She recognized him quickly and double checked that she wasn't crying before making her way outside. She brought a hand up to wave to him, jogging closer. Her face was still somewhat red.

"Seth! There you are! Look I really need to talk to you....are you busy?"

@Seth Stanton
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