Six months ago, it was over! The Power Rangers managed to defeat Rita Repulsa and her forces, locking her away in a prison dimension. The Power Rangers felt that they could rest at last. Things are not quite how they seem however. Now she's back at it with a new ally. Faced with a new crisis, the heroes of old are nowhere to be seen. Where are the Power Rangers?

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Brooke Lauren


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Yesterday at 04:54 pm
Good news and bad news.


Bad news: My grades are slipping, so I likely wont be around to post before next-sweep. I'll be busy fixing grades, and I wont have any computer/gaming privileges. Seeing you guys is unlikely until I fix my grades.
Dec 14 2017, 05:52 PM
The time for Christmas is coming, today is the start of Brooke's christmas party, where you'll have tons of events! Like..singing christmas songs..drinking eggnog..being attacked by monsters?

For this event @Finster will be taking the lead as an adversary to create a few monsters to oppose the rangers..AWESOMELY. The party will last from December 14th to December 26th

-Hero Slots-
1. William Greyson - Dino Thunder Red Ranger
3. Free
4. Free
5. Free
6. Brooke Lauren - Jungle Fury Jaguar Blue Ranger

-Villain slots-
1. Finster
2. Finster monster number 1
3. Finster monster number 2
4. Finster monster number 3

Anyways, below drop a post saying you'd like to join and you're welcome to come!
Oct 30 2017, 12:20 PM
The car quickly parked, as Brooke exited, looking around the area she found that there was a krispy kreme just in front of them."We're here!" Anna said, also exiting, as Brooke raised an eyebrow, she quickly followed her aunt into the Krispy Kreme. After relocating to Angel Grove, her older sisters went to college, her mom decided to help by getting a job, and Anna also got a job at krispy kreme. "Why would you work at Krispy Kreme?" Brooke said, her eyebrow returning back, she began to look around the area..all she could see were tons of happy..weirdly happy employees, and a few noisy customers. "Can you do anything right?! I'VE BEEN WAITING FOR MY ORDER FOR TOO LONG!" A man said, angrily shouting as Brooke stepped back. "Excuse me sir, but I'll get right on it!" Anna said, quickly heading in to help fix desserts for everyone. Brooke sat down, eating a chocolate bar as she watched the customers demand, it took awhile, but finally everyone would be satisfied. She could only smile as she took an order herself, a milkshake she could get, her aunt went in to the 'break room' with a few others while some people began to work. A kind lady came, handing her the milkshake, alongside a pair of three donuts. Brooke saw something, a small pair of blue glasses in a plastic packet. She quickly took it, examining it, when did Krispy Kreme start giving out toys..for TEENAGERS? She sighed, placing it inside. Her aunt came out thirty inutes later, quickly she got up, throwing her trash away, the pair of glasses still within her pockets. "Did you have fun, brooke?" Anna said. "Uhh..if sitting down and staring at a clock for 30 minutes is 'fun', was cool seeing what you were doing. You helped satisfy the people.." Anna smiled, she and Brooke were always this close.
Oct 25 2017, 06:31 PM
Brooke Lauren

Name: Brooke Lauren
Nicknames: None
Age: Fifteen
Birthday: December 20th
Playby: Tiera Skovbye

Brooke stands at least at 5'7 inches tall and a half. Her hair is a blonde color, and she's usually found wearing a deep reddish pink shirt, with dark blue jeans, and black wedges. Brooke wears a black bracelet around her left wrist. Her eyes are a green color, and she also makes sure to wear a white t-shirt underneath her plaid shirt.

Personality: Kind, yet somewhat unsympathetic to other people, Brooke grew up in a world where the only two people who cared about her existence was her aunt, until she found out she had two sisters and a mom. She is only loyal to people of her interest, and can be considered both cold, and careless towards others. On the other hand, brooke can be a nice, and sweet person who only seems to be concerned with the well-beings of others. She secretly masks this behind her usual behavior as a way to not "emberass" herself, and can be quite clumsy at times. Brooke enjoys to sing and also has a taste for pop music. She’s had dreams of being a singer, though this has also made her somewhat of a growing ego. Brooke can be easily upset by others, and despite being somewhat great at making friends, she has very little chance at finding her voice in a big crowd. Despite this, Brooke finds herself being controlled by others easily, and is something of a “people pleaser” who looks down on herself by hiding her flaws.

Doris Lauren: Mother
Maria Lauren: Older sister, college aged
Lana Lauren: Older sister, college aged
Maxwell Lauren: Father
Anna Wilson: Aunt

History: Brooke was the third child by Doris Lauren, and the only one biologically not related to Maxwell Lauren. After her birth, Doris was blackmailed into forcefully giving her daughter away. because he already realized that Doris cheated on him. Doris, as mad as she was, chose to agree, and sent her child away. The mother sent her child to someone she knew she could trust, believing that the daycare homes for her were "flimsy" at best, she sent her youngest daughter to live with her aunt. The father would never visit, as stubborn as he was, but Doris had hope.

Brooke got to grow up in her aunt's care, who assumed the role as "mother" to Brooke. Who she loved as a child, Anna was always quick to tell Brooke the truth, but she knew deep down that this would only hurt her. Brooke luckily never caught on, until her thirteenth birthday, where Anna finally told her what it really was. That Brooke's father didn't want to raise a child, who was, biologically, not his anyways, and blackmailed her mother into giving her to Anna. This didn't help the current situation, that she was angry at her mother for how the woman chose to give her own child out of fear.

Eventually, the father, Maxwell Lauren, had an argument with Doris. The two admitted their issues, Maxwell was always working, and never did anything with his children, who he personally left in the dust every time. Doris was at times, weak, too weak to face her argument, for fear that the only thing she depended on would leave. Besides that, Doris only ever meant to be a loving wife to Maxwell, who could not stand to even look at her. Because of the third child, Brooke being born was what caused them to break apart. Eventually, the arguing between the two only got worse, and Doris could only think of what could have been, had she not dropped Brooke in to her sisters hands. Maxwell couldn't believe it still, Doris CHEATED on him, and eventually he believed the only way to fix it would be to leave. Doris begged Maxwell to stay with her, but the only thing he wanted was to push her away, unsympathetically. The mother took custody of the children after the divorce papers were signed, and Doris had to move. Anne heard of the incident, and allowed Doris to meet, but the mother was ashamed of herself. She was far too dependent on Maxwell, and outside of that all she ever wanted was to be a good wife. But still, seeing her child, now older, only seemed to make Doris smile ,and she decided to move. Hearing about their younger sister, the twins were both excited to see their youngest sister. Anne helped provide for money, and it was enough just to get them where they needed to be: Nashville. Brooke and Doris always seemed similar in Anne's eyes, they could no doubt like each other, but she knew that Brooke could never accept that her mom left her as a child, at least, not until she knew the full story. When the two first met, the situation was dramatic, and eventually she came to realize that Doris was not all that different from her. Her mother actually cared, and always called her sister to see how Brooke was doing. While Brooke apologized, there was a rocky relationship between both sides, and it would soon be mended. At night, Brooke remembered sitting up with her two older twin sisters, she was only thirteen, and they were both sixteen. The three always used to talk about their favorite moments in their childhood. Brooke may have never met her older sisters as a child, but she finally had the chance to grow up with them. Even if it wasn't long, things changed because she got to live alongside her sisters, who were moving in with her. Brooke always remembered having fun with her sisters, when the two got their drivers license, they always took her places to go have fun. But on the other hand, someone else had worse luck.

After Doris left, Maxwell had issues keeping up, with no woman to help clean his clothes, he was left as a lonely man. He admitted, that he enjoyed the smell of Doris' baking, but he was too arrogant to admit he was wrong. Maxwell began to fail, loss of sleep meant that as a car salesman, he was slowing down. Eventually, while driving home, Maxwell was in an incident. Nearly asleep and refusing to pull over, his car collided with another car, and he was killed in the collision.

The news hit Nashville, where Doris was sad over what happened, she admitted there were some good qualities about Maxwell. Brooke was saddened by Maxwell's death, deep down she hated to admit it, but she never had anyone to call "daddy" in her house. The person who abandoned her was the CLOSEST thing to her actual father, and still, he chose to give her away. Lana and Maria, the twins, could only do so much with cheering her up. The depression hit Brooke, but over time they always came around, her family would always be with her. To help her, and she always liked that feeling, that whatever she did was always backed up by their support.

During this time, she always remembered enjoying root beer floats with her twins, and how they always laughed. Truly, Brooke felt loved by them, there was never a dull or boring moment in her life again. The most affection she ever got in her life was on her fourteenth birthday, where Lana, the funnest of the twins, helped Brooke have fun. There were dance contests, where she saw her aunt AND her mom both dance ridiculously. During that day she ate cake, got to drink tons of soda, and burped, repeatedly. It was all fun for her, and she got to see the wild side of both her auntie and her mother.

Though she felt happy that she finally got her real mother, and was on speaking terms with her. During her 15th birthday both Anna and Doris would be moving themselves and the kids from Nashville to Angel Grove. The decision was made, because both of the twins chose to go to Angel Grove University. Not only would they be closest to their parents, but Brooke would also still see them around. Even if school hits hard for the two, they always made a way to get past the difficulties.

The family wasted no time in moving down to the new town, and were out by a week. Seeing all the sights on their way to Angel Grove was amazing, and she was really happy to be on her FIRST plane with her family.

When they moved in to their new house, Brooke could only wish her sisters goodbye as they both headed to college. She now lived in a house with two moms, and Brooke would finally be getting a new pet. Life was fair for her right now.

Team: Jungle Fury Blue
Abilities(if applicable):

Solar morphers: A pair of morpher-based glasses that she uses to transform into her ranger form.

Jungle Tonfas: Baton-like weapons summoned by her battle claws, brooke is capable of using them to fight enemies

Battle Claws: Can be used to summon her Jungle Tonfas

The roleplayer
Name: TFX
How you found here: Hexagon
Contact details: Discord
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