Six months ago, it was over! The Power Rangers managed to defeat Rita Repulsa and her forces, locking her away in a prison dimension. The Power Rangers felt that they could rest at last. Things are not quite how they seem however. Now she's back at it with a new ally. Faced with a new crisis, the heroes of old are nowhere to be seen. Where are the Power Rangers?

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Oct 28 2017, 01:26 AM
Zordon appeared in the tube. It was finally time to summon the new team of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. All five coins had been used. Some of them had changed hands more than he expected but currently, all five coins had owners. It was time to summon them.

"Alpha teleport the new Mighty Morphin Rangers here. It is time." said Zordon.

He knew Alpha would lock on the energy from the power coins and transport them here. Soon they would be here and he would brief them on the situation and Rita's army.

@Shawn Griffin, @Damien Lewis, @Emma Barnes, @Dean Matthews, @Julian Rosas, @Alpha 5
Aug 4 2017, 11:35 PM
if anyone wants to meet Zordon inm a thread. in a solo thread. small group of like 2-4 rangers... a team thread, etc. reply here.

starting out with six for now. if i get enough interest can add more but do them at differrent times. like finish one or two threads before starting others. so i don't get behind and hav e too many threads waiting on a response from zordon.


1. Emma, Damien, Theo, Dean and Shawn (MMPR)
Jul 12 2017, 11:07 PM
Zordon's face appeared on the tube as he established a connection to the Command Center. He could feel the danger through his connection to the Morphin Grid. That Rita Repulsa and her army were now free.

"Alpha Rita has escaped. The day I feared has come. My power coin is unfortunately inaccessible and Rita still has the Dragonzord coin. Are the other five coins still operational?" asked Zordon.

@Alpha 5
Jul 3 2017, 08:30 PM

The person

Name: Zordon
Nicknames: none.
Age: Unknown
Birthday: March 15
Playby: Patrick Stewart

Appearance: White sorcerer robes (Eltaran look); started wearing more medieval type clothing (earth clothing); while in the tube he's just a head. He has brown eyes and bald. When he was younger he had brown curly hair.

Personality: He's kind, benevolent and wise. He gives advice to others and was always eager to help others. He came to Earth to stop a great evil and made some good friends including Rita. He became a healer on Earth to heal people who couldn't afford or get to doctors.

After the loss of his team, he blamed himself for their deaths and Rita's fall to evil. He suffers from suvivor's guilt and PTSD. He considers being trapped in the alternate dimension his penance for his failures. But he does not want the Earth to fall so he helped out the new team 10,000 years later. He was distant from them not wanting to get too close to another team only to realize with David's death how much he had. Unfortunately, he was cut off from the former Rangers thanks to the backlash from the Grid and struggled to return to them.

Family: Zoltar (father, deceased); Zhara (mother, deceased);


Zordon was part of an ancient race on Eltar over 10,000 years ago. He grew up learning magic from his parents and other teachers becoming quite wise and powerful. He trained to gain power and stength. To prove himself to a master Barza. He was competing against another boy named Zedd. He was about 17 at the time.

To Zordon's surprise, he was chosen and Zedd didn't take it well. He blamed Zordon vowing revenge and retreated. Zordon asked his master who told him he could sense the rage and darkness within zedd's heart. In five years Zordon had mastered the training going from apprentice to master sorcerer.

Unfortunately Zedd had also gotten stronger during that attack and assembled an army. In the attack, Barza, Zoltar, and Zhara were among the victims who perished. Other were injured. Zordon healed who he could but knew he needed to stop Zedd. So he left Earth with his robotic companion Alpha 5.

Along the way, he stopped on the planet Phaedos to seek out a great sorcerer named Ninjor. He didn't find him but he found a map to his temple along with seven power coins. Red, black, blue, yellow, pink, green, and white. He and Alpha took their ship to Earth.

Once there he used his magic to turn the ship into the Command Center to be a base of operations. He then recruited six warriors from Earth, keeping the white power coin for himself. After many battles, the seven warriors managed to defeat Zedd. With the danger over things returned to normal.

After a few months of ensuring Zedd wasn't returning and the Earth was safe Zordon decided to return to Eltar. But they were attacked by one of their own. Rita, the team's green ranger, had gained magic of her own and attacked killing five of his teammates. Zordon barely survived and in their duel, he and Rita cursed each other into an imprisonment. Each taking their power coin respectively. Zordon's spell sending her newly created minions with her into a prison on the moon. He was sealed in another dimension but was able to establish a connection to the Command Center with Alpha 5's help.

Zordon was imprisoned for 10,000 years. A prison he felt he deserved for failing his team and for failing Rita. Not seeing her fall to darkness and trying to help her avoid it. But then Rita and her army escaped. Zordon reluctantly summoned five warriors from Angel Grove, California to fight.

They did quite well until Rita killed David in a battle. Ben was recruited to replace him. They were still grieving for David and unable to treat Ben as their leader. But they were able to seal Rita at least away but Seth freed her. During this time he also disabled their powers to the morphin grid. This released the 5 power coins, zordon's white tiger coin, and created several new powers as well. The process also cut off Zordon from this dimesion. He and Alpha have trying to reestablish a connection but it took some time.

The more ranger powers claimed the more the Morphin Grid seemed to repair itself in a way. And before he realized Zordon's image was back on the tube. Learning from Alpha what was going on in his absence he decided he needed to recruit the new ranger teams. He just needed to figure out who they all were first.

Abilities(if applicable):

Fighting: He's quite skilled in Martial Arts able to protect himself.

Fencing: He's quite good with a sword having used it in his training on Eltar and later Saba as the White Ranger.

Teleporting: Zordon teleports in a flash of white energy and can teleport others if they are near him.

Sorcery: He could cast spells, and form balls of white energy to use as attacks. Now sealed away he can only cast spells without a physical body in the "Real world".

The roleplayer
Name: Adam
How you found here: ad on After The Fall.
Contact details: pm or discord.
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